Deliver a more efficient online experience

Dotaki’s artificial intelligence adapts your content to the personality of each visitor in real time.

Optimize your revenue with Dotaki

ROI x100

on turnover


Conversion rate


Repeated purchases


Revenue per visitor

“Dotaki’s solution gives access to very important performance gains.”

Emmanuel Beguin

Digital projects manager, Groupama - Insurance

Dotaki’s ROI is excellent for us, around x100!

Meven Simon

Head of Conversion rates Optimisation, La Redoute - Fashion & home furniture

“Dotaki allows us to better understand and serve our online customers”
Amélie Adam

Head of e-Business, Camaïeu - Fashion

How it works

Customer experience personalization has never been so easy!

Co-founder, Kevin Becker, is presenting Dotaki’s innovative solutions to increase conversion rates.


Dotaki respects privacy. Your online visitors have proper control on their personal data

Stunning Results

Our customers see game changing conversion rates increments

Exclusive Science

Dotaki is powered by 4 years of exclusive in-house R&D

What makes Dotaki unique

It always works

Our personality drives all our behaviours. The online world is no exception, Dotaki’s personality segment always (always, seriously!) explain why some of your visitors buy from your website and why some don’t. We leverage this knowledge and turn it into conversion increase.

It brings people together

The segmentation of your audience by personality types will be an invaluable insight for lots of people in your company. CRM and acquisition experts will be strongly interested in this data. We can feed their tools when they ask!

Everybody becomes an expert

Personality-based personalisation is very easy to understand. It is common knowledge that people have different behaviours driven by differences in their personalities. Dotaki makes it crystal clear and activable by anybody, no need to be a Phd in behavioural science!

It saves time

Dotaki is the end of the guess-work in website optimization. It tells you what to do, and handles it automatically. Your only (optional!) task is to read the weekly performance report and see how much you have won.

A multiple awards widely recognised innovation

Alumni –  Paris 2018

Foundry – Munich 2019

Alumni – Munich 2019

Winner – London 2019

Digital Alliance

Laureate – Paris 2019

Winner – Berlin 2020

Trophée LSA 2020