Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know about Dotaki

Value proposition

Yes! This is our job and the value we deliver for all of our customers

Of course, any online action from your visitors bringing value to your business can be optimized (newsletter subscription, contact form completion, appointment scheduling, etc.)

What actually matters is the number of transactions per months. To reach the accuracy threshold while calibrating the optimisations for your website it is advised to have at least 4000 transactions per month

If you have online conversion rate optimization goals and you are already using tactics such as AB testing, then yes Dotaki is for you!

Magic sauce

Dotaki uses more than 3500 first-party variables (i.e. they come from your website) such as the configuration of the device of the users and their interactions with the pages

Very serious! The correct function of Dotaki is proven everyday with its customers and we measure its performance with the highest statistical standards possible


Of course not, it would be way too time consuming! Dotaki works thanks to light variations (an additional text for instance) which have a great impact because they are very accurately targeted

No, Dotaki will automatically interface itself with it and drive it to detect the opportunities and carry on the personalisation. It will basically add a brain to your AB testing tool

Not a minute more than regular AB tests, all the optimisation is handled automatically by Dotaki

We encourage you to use your in-house segmentation along Dotaki, it is often very relevant. After a few months of work together Dotaki will automatically integrate it in its optimisations

Technical questions

This is pure JavaScript

No, as it is an asynchronous tag it will have no impact on your user experience

It can be deployed in a few minutes, via a tag manager or directly into your html code. Our tech team will then do some remote testing and yes, it’s done!

Not really. Dotaki is compatible with any website, whatever technology they use (including React!). If you already have a personalisation/AB testing tool it’s better, yet not mandatory

Yes, it works on the web mobile version of your website. However, it currently does not support apps (it will come in the future, don’t worry)

Partly yes! The users who will already have been characterised while navigating on the regular desktop and mobile versions of the website will be recognized and optimized on the app

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