What is a web persona and why you need it

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Non classé

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Some e-commerce marketing and UX teams put a lot of efforts into their work on customer persona, yet this does not always bring value to the table. The usual issues are that the insights generated by this work are very imprecise, and that the share of every persona in the online business remains unknown.

     To enhance a website, a web persona needs 3 characteristics:

  • It must be built to give concrete, directly actionnable insights
  • These insights must have a strong impact on the visitors
  • The part of each persona in the online business must be measurable

What is wrong with other web personas? 

There is nothing wrong with them. Only personas usually created by CRM data or Marketing personas don’t have the three characteristics previously mentioned. 

For example, when you create buyer personas, the process of buying from you it’s modeled within your CRM. The CRM should give you the ability to graphically view your buyer journeys and track them as they progress toward becoming customers in real time. So it’s measurable and it has an impact on your visitors but it does not give explanatory insights that will allow you to understand your visitor behaviour and take action on it. 


What about a brand persona ?

Brand persona is another separate concept in marketing, and it  can help your company to get better results when communicating with your audience.

The brand persona indicates how you will be able to do so. But where is the catch? 

In your results you have these different type of visitors but you cannot measure their part in the online business. If it’s not measurable then how can you divide them to better understand them ? 


Different people

If you are familiar with Dotaki’s value proposition, you know that  the visitors of a website can be classified into two broad categories: the emotionals and the rationals. Yes, you have the two types of visitors on your website and each group represents a significant part of your traffic (Dotaki can measure the exact repartition automatically in 24h). Here is an explanatory video.