Instructions on how to use Dotaki’s Segment Selector extension

by | Sep 12, 2022


Our team, who has been actively working on a new browser extension for all our clients, is proud to announce the launch of Dotaki Segment Selector. This extension can be found on Chrome ‘s Web Store and it allows all our consumers to visualise the different variations of a website for different Dotaki segments.

Discover in this article how to use Dotaki Segment Selector. 

What is it ?

Dotaki Segment Selector is a Chrome extension that allows you to see your Dotaki segment in real time and also discover the other different variations of a website for different segments. Remember that Dotaki has identified 10 different personas which are :  

This is a Chrome extension so it doesn’t work on any other browsers. So first step: make sure you have installed Chrome. Then start by opening the following URL. Once you are on its page on the Chrome Web Store, you’ll see a large Add to Chrome button. Follow these instructions: 

  1. Click this Add to… button to download and install this Chrome extension.
  2. The Web Store will display a pop-in with permissions for Dotaki Visitor Selector extension.
  3. If you agree to the permissions, click Add Extension.
  4. After the download finishes, you should see the extension icon in the upper right corner of your browser, near the URL bar. The extension is now installed and ready to use.

    P.S: If you want to put this extension in top of the bar, you only have to click the pushpin icon in the extension lists so that the icon turns blue.

Once you have successfully installed it, you can find the Dotaki Segment Selector in your extension list on upper-right of your browser. Once you go to your website,  you have to accept the GDPR banner, remember that you have to spend at least 30 seconds scrolling & navigating in order to get your Dotaki segment “diagnostic”. 


There is a dropdown list also for you to use if you want to select another Dotaki segment that you want to experience.
It will refresh the current page and allow you to resume your browsing and enjoy the personalized experience of the selected segment. 

We hope you enjoy your personnalized experience through our Dotaki Segment Selector Chrome Extension! If you have any questions or want to know more about us, click here to contact one of our experts : Contact us